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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MEDIA TRAINING: Relax, You Can Become a Quote Machine Too!

Are You Truly "Quotable?"
How many interviews have you done?  How many quotes have you seen in print in the days following the interview?

Are you proud of them?  Did they serve your goals?  Would they make somebody go "hmmm" in a positive way?

These are just some of the questions I've asked myself, and ask others as well, after they finish doing an interview.

Consistently, people are most nervous before the tape recorder ever goes on or the question ever comes from the reporter's mouth.

Nervousness is common, and real.  I admit to thinking about what I'll say and how I'll say it.  But in most cases, it's after I spent time anticipating what was - potentially - coming my way.

Anticipate the Questions

I've had the pleasure of working with some real "pros" when it comes to pushing out the message and being engaging in the process.  It's not easy and the good or great ones make it look that way.

Here's the key in four words for me:

* Anticipate
* Prepare
* Relax
* Deliver

Lastly, you can never underestimate the importance of stepping into a media interview relaxed.  And only then can you truly "deliver."  Nerves and anxiety don't lead to good sound bites or clear messaging.  True ... much of that comes through knowing your material and feeling good about the direction of the questions and your messaging.  But I can tell you this for sure... a few laughs and some casual conversation before any interview - be it with journalists, co-workers or familiar faces is a huge help.  In other words, do your preparation and then "let it go" and focus on your delivery. 
A relaxed person delivers conversation, not calculated commentary.  And for me, I'll always put my money on the conversationalist to deliver the best sound bite or quote.  He's more open, less guarded, and more real.  To me, if you know your material, and you can find your way into the "delivery room" with a smile on your face, that's the way to reading your quotes with pride and ownership - and making an impact in the process.

Worthy of Reading?  Or Headed for Trash?
Don't let your interview get tossed in the trash or turned into a paper airplane that's unworthy of anyone's short attention span.  Make them read it and make them take notice.

Thanks so much for reading this blog and sharing with others.  I always welcome your thoughts and you can do that here or directly to me on Twitter @KraigKann

Thought of the Day: Your next business partnership could come from the results of your next media interview.  The message you deliver is a powerful thing.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SOCIAL MEDIA: Are You Delivering "Value?"

Goal of YOUR Social Media Efforts?
Scroll through your twitter feed lately and see on something that really caught your eye?  How about the news feed on your Facebook?  Did you stop? Ask yourself "what made me read it?"

In the field of communications or any form of business that aims to "message" the public, there is one common thread.  Push out things of "value."  In other words, are you about something that actually adds something to the audience?

I love the question that comes up frequently about executives and twitter.  Should they or shouldn't they take part?  To me, the answer is fairly simple.  For the most part, I believe "yes" as most top executives have risen to a point where what they say makes people think.  What they say, makes people consider taking action.  And most always, what they say becomes perspective that might make you - or anyone who listens -  better at their craft.

In social media circles, "value tweeting" or "value posting" is where your followers come from.

Anybody can post. And anybody can tweet.  But if there is no "value" to the majority of what someone has to say, or a common thread, what it really becomes is spam for most people.

Whipping down a twitter feed at a quick pace is interesting.  But the real "artists" deliver something that becomes engaging.

The goal isn't to turn people off.  The goal is to turn people on to you....  through information or expertise or opinion.

I fully admit that a majority of what I tweet is business related to the organization I work for.  To those who like golf, or closely follow women's golf, the goal is to provide information and elevate exposure for the game and it's best players.  I also enjoy tossing out
some commentary or jumping into idle chit chat with folks about various other topics.

My goal with this blog has always been to add some sort of "value," insight or perspective to folks interested in media and communications, presentation and public speaking - or various other topics associated with it.
Do These Words Fit Your Posts?

So ask yourself this .... What is YOUR value?  Look at your last 10 tweets, or your last 10 posts and assess yourself.  Are you adding value to others?  Are you sharing things that you feel secure about and would like to see pushed out further?  For now, social media is free.  So take advantage of the opportunity to show your value.

After all, isn't the biggest impact you can make based on the value you add to others?  If that doesn't define success, I don't know what does.

I always welcome your thoughts or ideas for posts.  Feel free to comment directly @KraigKann or share a comment below.

Thought of the Day: Do your social media platforms serve as placeholders or do they actually add something of value to the reader?  If creating a true following is important, assess yours ASAP.